LITTLE BLACK BOOK is a four-part neo-western crime thriller, written by Jeff McComsey (“FUBAR,” “Grendel, Kentucky”), with art by Felipe Cunha (“Gatsby”), coloring by Marco Lesko (“Newthink”), and lettering by Steve Wands (“Action Comics”).

Set in Texas, the book follows Cole, a repairman whose late father was a career criminal. When he discovers his father’s book of underworld contacts, Cole and his pregnant wife become the targets of a ruthless crime organization. “Cole’s father believed the best thing he could do for his son was to stay out of his life, and he might have been right, but how far does the apple fall from the tree…?”

Axel Alonso, AWA’s chief creative officer, states, “This is a blood-drenched crime story with heart that examines the deep imprint that fathers and sons leave on each other’s lives. At the core of our story is the relationship between a hardened career criminal and the son he abandoned. When the son steps into a world of danger, what help can the father offer from beyond the grave?” McComsey says, “‘Little Black Book’ is about things we inherit from our father, whether we want them or not. Sometimes they’re good things; sometimes they’re bad things. This is a story about one of the bad things.”

Main cover by Francesco Francavilla, and variants by Dave Johnson, and Chris Ferguson with Felipe Cunha.

Little Black Book


Comic book artist based/born/raised in brazil, Felipe Cunha (pronounced koo – een – yah). Worked for Dynamite Comics on titles like Flash Gordon, Jungle Jim and Mandrake The Magician.

Pinups, pages and other material on books at IDW and Image, covers and short stories on 215 Ink’s Doctor Crowe.

5 issues of the first arc of DELEGATES, published by ImagineBin through ComiXology.

A creator-owned series at Vault Comics called Cult Classic: Return To Whisper with writer Eliot Rahal (Quantum & Woody, The Doorman), out now on comic shops and everywhere else on single issues and a TPB collecting the whole series.

CAPTAIN CANUCK season 5, published by Lev Gleason’s imprint Comic House, formerly known as Chapterhouse.

GATSBY, a creator-owned Original Graphic Novel co-created with writer Jeremy Holt and published by AWA Studios in May of 2023.

comes out in 2024 from AWA Studios as a 4-issue miniseries co-created with writer Jeff McComsey, it features covers by Francesco Francavilla with variants by Dave Johnson, Tim Bradstreet and more.



When middle-class Singaporean student Lu Zhao is invited to spend a summer on Long Island with his rich cousin Tommy, before attending Columbia University in the fall, his assimilation into the opulent American lifestyle straps him into a collision course fueled by designer drugs, sex, deceit, and murder. Gatsby is an LGBTQIA-led, racially diverse series that reimagines F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, set in present-day Long Island.


The messages of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” — about social status, love and chasing dreams — are revisited in the present with a racially and sexually diverse set of characters in their 20s. Gatsby is a Black tech millionaire looking for a love who got away, and Lu Zhao, the stand-in for Nick Carraway, is visiting from Singapore and summering on Long Island (where a $5,000-plus afternoon shopping spree highlights the casual wealth). The main characters are refreshingly blasé about their sexuality: Lu’s girlfriend, Alexis, asks, “How do you identify?” But Lu’s answer does not really matter as Alexis says, “I love being on this journey with you. I’m here for you no matter what.” Written by Jeremy Holt, drawn by Felipe Cunha and colored by Dearbhla Kelly.

- George Gene Gustines for The New York Times

An all-new Captain Canuck makes his debut in Captain Canuck Season 5! Following on the heels of the epic Invasion arc that saw a world forever changed, we meet Darren Oak the newest hero to pick up the mantle of Captain Canuck. Meanwhile, Michael Evans, brother of the first Captain Canuck, is about to unleash his newest plan to put Earth on a path to prosperity post-invasion.

Written By: Ho Che Anderson
Art By: Felipe Cunha
Coloured By: Donovan Yaciuk
Lettered By: Andrew Thomas
Cover By: Ken Lashley
Edited By: Keith WTS Morris & Josh Rose

Captain Canuck

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